Wedding Bells

Hey Loves,

If you aren’t married or engaged you are probably eager for your big day, am I right? At least I am ;).

‘He called several times to check on me , boy was I getting worried! ‘That’s so unlike him’, I thought to myself. He suddenly cancelled dinner plans saying ‘something came up’ I swear a proposal is the last thing on my mind. Ding Dong, there goes my door bell and alas it is his best friend. I am swayed away to a hotel I have never been to before. The whole ride was clouded by a siege of silence. My anxiety was quite obvious. I walk in and see him seated alone with his head facing down. At this point I was sure we were breaking up, what I couldn’t figure out was why. He kneels downs and goes- ‘I am sorry I had to do it this way. You are waaay too smart . Will you grow old with me?’ Continue reading