River Derwent

Hey Loves,

My river-lake-nilotic instincts must have led me to River Derwent. I had no idea this beautiful feature existed right behind the bus station.



Just when I thought I couldn’t do Swahili.

Hey Loves,

Today I want post something, not on fashion or photography but on my experience.

There was this one time my lecturer offered me a chance to work in a Swahili radio station as a news presenter. I was so naive I let the chance pass. I believed I couldn’t express myself well in Swahili for absolute no reason. The belief was so deep I’d stutter and make wrong poses while reading a Swahili script. Funny part is that’s the language widely used in Nairobi- where I stay. Counted years down the line am here making a Swahili news demo, not a single stutter. Sigh! Where did all the zeal come from?

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