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Hello dearies, what is your phobia? Or do you have any at all? Recently, I had my nieces come for a sleepover. When it was bedtime, the youngest was concerned about a barking dog. Somewhere in the neighborhood was a dog barking at intervals. I reassured her of safety, and she soundly fell asleep. In that instant, I remembered my younger self . Nighttime was a big nightmare for me because of barking dogs and meowing cats. Unlike her, I did not have anyone’s reassurance that I was safe. Such phobias were deemed silly, and so I couldn’t tell anyone. Disrupted sleep, sweating, and panic attacks became part of my night routine. I thought the anxiety would wear off with age, but it hasn’t. I still have dog and cat phobia. It’s a work in progress, and I will get there someday. For instance, I sleep peacefully throughout the night. What I can’t do yet is having a dog or cat next to me.

phobia is a type of anxiety disorder defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation.The phobia typically results in a rapid onset of fear and is present for more than six months.

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Things you shouldn’t tell someone struggling with phobias

Don’t be silly or that’s silly: Try to be considerate. We are all different and with different experiences. Some of the phobias have to do with our past experiences. Instead of being judgmental or jumping into conclusions, help someone identify the source of their fear.
Your phobia is unreasonable: There is no scale to judge which phobias are realistic or not. Approach people from a place of love and not judgment.
I will bring/throw to you a (name your phobia): Avoid threatening people with what scares them. I’m yet to know where my phobia originated from, but I know of some threats. Growing up I would hear parents telling their kids that they will throw them out to the dogs or cats if they refused to eat.

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There you go, those are my two cents regarding phobias. Let me hear your thoughts. Stay kind.

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  1. I used to have a phobia of dogs. My best friend in high school had to lock her dogs in the kitchen every time I came over, which was alot! True friendship! I did grow our of my phobia of dogs as an adult but I have always have always had a phobia of snakes. They are just sneaking and I don’t ever see me getting over the snake phobia!

  2. Phobias are tricky to deal with. I had a phobia of Pit Bull dogs. So many horror stories get shared. When I’d hear of Pits with sweet dispositions I was still leery. My daughter sait that they’re known as nanny dogs.

    Then my daughter adopted a Pit/ Black Lab mix from the stray shelter. She had been starved and was severely emaciated when they found her. Since she was so skinny even they couldn’t tell for sure what her mix was. When my daughter adopted her she was still skinny but had put on some weight.

    Now she’s a lovely healthy dog, rarely barks, has a very sweet disposition and is great around the kids.

  3. Howdy Hephzibah!

    Phobias are very difficult to deal with, especially because people don’t understand the reason for your fear. It seems trivial to them. However, phobias are irrational by definition. There is good reason to fear snakes, spiders, bugs, dogs, cats, confined spaces, heights, and all the other phobias. A phobia occurs when those fears are blown out of proportion to the threat.

    To overcome a phobia, you should engage in a process called exposure therapy which is a progressive exposure to the phobic stimulus while using relaxation techniques to quell the fear. Start small with only thoughts and imaginings of the phobia until you can be completely relaxed and comfortable with it. Then move on to something more fear inducing.

    Practicing meditation or yoga in general can help since it can teach you the progressive relaxation technique needed to overcome the anxiety of the phobia.

    Not every therapist knows how to do exposure therapy, so if you seek help with it, look for someone with this specific training.


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