Say Bye to Insomnia

Hello Loves,

Courtesy of Corala

Sleep is something that should come naturally for everyone. It’s the way we were designed and when it fails, we get into a lot of trouble. Bad mood, fatigue, stress and poor health are some of the things we might suffer when we fail to get enough sleep or none at all.

While it is very common for most people to easily fall asleep, there is a percentage who struggle with the forty winks. Some toss and turn in bed to the point that they decide to sit up instead. Medically, this lack of sleep is what is referred to as insomnia.

Once in a while we have all lacked sleep because of one reason or the other. It could have been as a result of anxiety, sickness or a broken heart, among other reasons. This one time you couldn’t sleep doesn’t qualify to be called insomnia. However, when you have a chronic inability to sleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time, it becomes insomnia.

Since we are all expected to be asleep when it’s bed time, it puts a lot of pressure on people who struggle with sleep. Medical interventions such as taking the sleeping pill has become a normal thing for those who struggle. Others do a bunch of activities and exercises to help them relax and fall asleep as fast as possible. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. It gets very frustrating especially when we feel there is nothing troubling our minds and bodies, yet we can’t just sleep!

Few months ago I got an email from a US company that designs weighted blankets. The blankets are designed to improve people’s quality of sleep and in turn life. I was to help them market the product, but they were unable to ship it to Africa. Therefore, I have not had an opportunity to do a proper review. You can check them out at If you are having trouble falling asleep, you might want to give the weighted blanket a try. Kindly check out their website for full details:

Have a restful night, won’t you?

Courtesy of Corala

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