Happy Belated Father’s Day

Hey Loves,

Happy Father's DayHappy Father’s Day to all the sweetest, caring and responsible dads out there. Yesterday was father’s Day and I couldn’t post a thing because I was in so much shock! I witnessed something that made me value my late dad the more.

For those who are reading my blog for the first time welcome and thanks for stopping by. I live with a female friend of mine; I won’t mention real names because of the nature of this story. On Saturday night, my friend’s friend arrived from Scotland. We were expecting her and did all the cleaning and cooking just to make her feel at home. Being a Kenyan, I made Kenyan popular delicacies so she could enjoy her stay. We hardly get them here on a regular basis. Chapati, mandazi, nyama choma (grilled meat) and ugali. At around 8 pm she arrived. Not alone, but in the company of another lady whom she introduced to us her friend. We exchanged pleasantries, introductions were made and we were all set for food. Before we could eat, they requested to step out to a nearby shop to get something.

Later they would show up with booze.  I don’t judge anyone who drinks simply because I am a teetotaler. They put it aside and started making phone calls to other people whom they had invited without our notice. My friend was puzzled but relaxed because there was enough food. An hour later, someone knocks at the door and on opening, two Kenyan men in their late twenties come in. The guest we were expecting ushers them with a big smile and quickly introduces them to everyone. Immediately the TV was switched to Kenyan songs which I must have heard when I was in Primary school. We were all cool with it since it’s been a minute since we heard them anyway. As the music went louder, so was the demand for booze. Soon everyone was having their pint . I heard for the first time that eating anything with wheat makes people more drunk , hence their reluctance to chapati and mandazi. They ate meat though.

The clock was ticking and before we could know it it was midnight. The guest we were expecting seemed to be one giving an outline of what was t happen next. So she decided clubbing and everyone agreed to it. My friend and the other lady from Scotland went upstairs , did their makeup and dressed up for the club. Camera’s flashed here and there before they left just to make everyone else on social media jealous of their night.  They locked up and took a taxi to their club of choice. I was too tired after the day’s events all I wanted was my bed. I tidied up a bit and went upstairs.

Before I sleep I have this tendency to check my mail and peruse through twitter feeds. I did that and actually designed a father’s day message because it was already Sunday. At around 3am I heard noises. People talking loudly and laughing. In my mind I knew my friend and the visitors would not be home until around 5am. On listening keenly I heard her voice downstairs and I knew they were back. Nothing to worry about so I shut my laptop and went to bed. The friend to the lady from Scotland came to my room to change into something ‘more comfortable’ . The club they had gone to was being closed so they decided to come back home. I wasn’t expecting to ask her anything but ‘aren’t you guys tired from traveling form Scotland to England?’ came out. She said she is but she became nocturnal from the time she was in high school due to reading. So she hardly sleeps at night she only sleeps in the morning. She left the room and went downstairs. I prayed and was in dreamland before long.

Suddenly I was woken up to a bed that was shaking much! I thought I was dreaming but since it didn’t stop I had to get up to see what was going on.  The room I sleep in has a double decker bed and I had decided to sleep on the top bed so that our guest can use the down one. As I lifted my head, the shaking stopped and now it was whispers. I thought to myself that maybe one of the ladies got too drunk and decided to bring one of the men aboard. I have NEVER experienced something like this before hence I didn’t know how to react. I decided to stay put close my ears and hope they are done soon so I could sleep. I didn’t want to see naked bodies either. I was going to work by 9am and I needed some sleep since I was to film a father’s day event. How wrong was I. The bed shook for straight 4 hours and I thought to myself this people are high on something. I was disgusted totally. How could they do that in someone’s house and bed? They barely know each other, common people you can do better!

The room had the foulest of smell I had ever been exposed to. I gained the courage to climb down from the bed at 7:15 when the two strangers finally started to snore. Finally I could see the faces which caused me a sleepless night. The lady was peacefully sleeping fully clothed next to the man who had covered his naked body with  a duvet. Well played. The lady wanted whoever will walk into the room to think nothing really happened as she was fully clothed and avoided sleeping under the covers. I’m sorry to say this but to me they are prostitutes!

As the whole world marked father’s day, this couldn’t come at a better time. It will forever remind me of the discipline that was instilled in me from a tender age. Even in death, you are still my hero dad. Thank you for the proper upbringing.

To other men out there, raise your daughters well. Give them enough love so they will not open their legs to any man who will say to them  I love you. To single mother’s look for a genuine father figure for your girls. Don’t say you can be both. We don’t even even have the hormone nor have we ever been in a man’s body. It might look silly, but it makes perfect sense in actuality.

Happy Father’s Day world.




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