Finally, Some ‘Sunshine’!

Hey Loves,

so2There’s no better way for me to say this, Europe is Cooooooold! Heater and I have become besties, I am always so close. Speaking of which, there are little things in life that we might take for granted but they mean a lot. The weather for example. It’s until I got here that I started to appreciate the weather back at home. My feet cramp, develop tiny blood clots and I am always cold.

Yesterday the sun shone for a few hours and during my lunch break I stepped out to get some Vitamin D, very essential. Anyway, this post was meant to show you my outfit.  I have worn the Ankara pants in a previous post while in Kenya. People were looking at me from everywhere! I don’t know if the attention was because I was smart or my outfit was something that is not always seen in the streets of UK. Either way, it felt good getting some attention :).

Photo Credits – Peter ( Friendofmine)




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