First Time

Hey Loves,

anointingI want to trust that  each one of you is having an amazing time. Obviously there are good times, not-so good times and definitely first times! Haha, I had to be sneaky bringing in the title of my post .

Anyway, as we all know there is the first time for everything. Adrenaline rush, excitement, fear, uncertainty, … are some of the words I could use to describe first time experiences. Well, this weekend was my first time on a train. Back in my home country we have trains but I never really got a chance to board one. Funny thing was I had a crazy obsession with trains. However, I would be put off by people saying they get really packed.

The train ride was peaceful and interesting. I met a new friend, read my book – Understanding the Greatness of Anointing, wrote my journal and made memories (photos) while on the train.

God has a way of making us experience things we might have never thought possible. I want to believe He does this to make us see that He is truly God and can take us far in life if we believe and trust in Him. Look at me, back at home I was psychologically preparing myself to take a train ride, but God had a better idea. He wanted me to ride on not just any train, but an electric train. Not just anywhere, but in the UK.  Everyday I sit back at the end of the day and I am amazed at how great God is.

To be honest I wrote this post to give an encouragement to someone out there thinking that all is done. You haven’t started living living yet. God has a bigger and better plan for your life. Much more than a train ride. So get up, dust yourself and embrace God, fully. Lift your hands to Him and He will take you places you won’t have a choice but to testify.




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