My little Kitty

Hey Loves,

catEver heard of the common saying : ‘you can gauge your caring ability based on how you treat animals’ ? Well , this might just be true in my case. I recently acquired this kitten from a family friend and the past four days have been pure bliss! All my life I have been scared of kittens since I find them very jumpy. I am sensitive and any abrupt movements make me want to jump out of my skin.  It’s true that kittens are very playful and I have just discovered they are intelligent too. They will meow differently for different things. You just have to stay close and read the signal they are sending across. Could be they are hungry, want to play , or just seeking attention. I stand to be corrected but it feels like having a little kid in the house. They keep you alert at most times and though you might not understand their language as yet, there is still communication. I am yet to gain enough courage to hold it but at least we share the same couch.


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