‘Unfinished Business’

Hey Loves,

Who doesn’t have anything ‘unfinished’ in their wardrobe? Unfinished clothes are also referred to as ragged or distressed clothing. Most of these are of denim fabric and they are common in classic shorts, trendy jackets and pants. Currently ragged pants are like the favorite street style in Nairobi and almost everyone (men, women, boys and girls) are rocking it. Talk about ‘unfinished business!  This type of dressing is a bit restrictive since it can’t be worn to formal places and gatherings. Unless you work with an organization that’s purely for creatives, you are bound to raise several eyebrows. Personally I don’t always go with the ‘fashion flow’. Not to sound cocky or something, but I love ‘dressing unique’ if there’s something like that. Since Nairobi is blazing hot, I decided to get me something ragged too. Not pants, but a skirt instead. I haven’t spotted anyone in a ragged skirt yet and so I can comfortably rock it when I go shopping during the weekend. Still exploring various ways of styling it and the yellow button-down cardigan is one option.  Keep slaying loves!



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