Hey Loves,

Heart-Shape_tea..JPGHope everyone is having a fabulous time. Have you ever noticed a particular repeat of numbers, shapes or colors in your life? Well, that’s what today’s post is all about. At first I used to see a repeat of the number 101 . Each time I checked my phone I would find the time is either 1.01am or pm. I would see that number on TV ads, the newspaper and on billboards. After sometime it stopped and I stopped obsessing over it. It is until recent that I started stumbling into heart shaped items. The first item was a brown leaf. I was walking when the heart-shaped leaf fell on me. After two or so minutes, a green leaf fell on me. I was still checking out the first leaf. Both were heart-shaped. I thought they were interesting enough so I took a photo of them together. I didn’t read anything into it, was just amazed at God’s creativity.

There are several ways of making what we call ‘tea’ here in Kenya. Some put water and tea leaves and let it boil then serve it as tea. Others boil water and milk separately, put it in separate flasks from which people can mix it for themselves and drop in a tea bag. The last method of making tea is where water is mixed with milk and tea leaves sprinkled over it. The mixture is then let to boil and sieved into a flask. I am fond of making my tea using the last method. For the last couple of weeks I have noticed that each time I make tea it boils with a heart shape, right at the Center of the sufuria. The first time I noticed it I was amazed. I never took photos but told my family about it. It became recurrent and that’s when I decided to take photos in case they thought I was imagining things or something. It is my pleasure to show you some of the pics. Sorry about the first one looking all messy. I had left the lid on for so long the tea was almost spilling over. What I need to know is if anyone out there has been experiencing a similar thing or a different one, and what explanation were they given. It will be interesting reading your responses. Lovely week ahead!





2 thoughts on “Lovestruck!

  1. that is crazy amazing!! I am a big believer of the Law of Attraction so I do believe you’re attracting these images more and more as you genuinely expect/anticipate them. OR it could be God trying to remind you of how much He loves you 🙂

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