The Partner

Hey Loves,

5350One of my new year’s resolution was to do more reading (since I have been poor at it). I can  gladly report that I have indeed been doing some reading. The first book I laid my hands on was The Partner by John Grisham. One of my lecturer’s used to praised his works and this was my motivation behind the reading.  I had borrowed it from my cousin and she was determined to have it back before I could even take a photo of it. Good thing is there’s always back up online. (Photo credits). This was the first time I was reading Grisham’s works. He has a way with words. The scenes in the story were painted clear in my mind. I could get tense at some point and quite excited at others. Vivid is the word. The story line is basically about a lawyer who steals millions, fakes his own death only to resurface as a different person. He did plastic surgery and went through total life changing experience (shed several pounds). The book shows how dirty people (lawyers, police, etc) can be. I am tempted to give the whole story, but that would prevent you from reading it. If you haven’t read this novel, find it, it won’t disappoint. Therein lies several life lessons.


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