Some China Loving

Hey Loves,

Valentine.JPGValentine’s has certainly come a little early for me 🙂 .

I received the pictured gifts this morning as I was leaving the house. The gifts are from my Chinese friend called Peng. I understand China is celebrating her new year, Happy New Year people of China Republic.


I love the gifts from here to China ❤ , especially the crystal necklace.  Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting any gifts from anyone. I’d like to know if you have received any gifts yet. If not, which ones are you anticipating? Valentine


3 thoughts on “Some China Loving

  1. Super cute! I have never had a gift from another country (well, except for when my ex-stepdad used to bring me things from his military travels). For V-Day, all I want is cable so that I can watch the Walking Dead lol. I don’t anticipate getting any gifts this year – no love!

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