White on White


fashion7.JPGHey Loves,

Trust y’all had a fun-filled weekend. Personally I was so busy I didn’t get to enjoy much, not to wine though :). It’s a new week and what a better way to start it than to wear white on white? I know you might be saying  ‘but there’s something black from the picture’ Yeah, there is 🙂  (blank ankle boots and a hooded top). The black is just my way of breaking the monotony. It’s also to keep off dirt (God knows how many rides I have to take before I get to the office)

One ultimate rule for wearing white on white: Keep your hands away from your clothes at all costs. Hands pick up dirt in the simplest ways, like when you run them across your desk.

I’d like to know what you think about my outfit. Here are more pics. Have a peaceful week xoxo ❤ ❤fashion3.JPGfashion8.JPGfashion4.JPGfashion2.JPG


3 thoughts on “White on White

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