Triple A #newyearresolution

Hey Loves,

Happy New Year graphics-happy-new-year-722113

The good thing about a new year is that it gives some, if not all of us a chance to start ‘living’ all over again. Or it just an assumption that most people make? I’m not sure. All the same we see people writing or hear them talk about new year resolutions and stuff like that. We only 4 days into 2016 and I can already feel that it’s going to be a good year, Amen! In this same spirit I have 3 resolutions which I have given a code name Triple A. These are: Accept, Adjust and Advance. I intend to have an attitude of accepting, adjusting and advancing in whichever situation(s) I find myself. In addition, I’m developing a reading culture -I have been a poor reader (of books not blogs 🙂 ). So I might as well label my resolutions A3R . I want to hear about yours.

Have a great year, won’t you? ❤ xoxo


2 thoughts on “Triple A #newyearresolution

  1. a lot of people have been really into book reading as of late! A lot of bloggers have been discussing their interest in increasing their book readings. My goals are to focus on my blog fully and see where my focus can take me. 2016 is for my blog 🙂

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