Can’t get Over My 1st Love

Hey Loves,

sophiemarshall3Lemmie begin clarifying that this post isn’t about romantic type o’love. Sorry if I’ve disappointed anyone.

I have this genuine crazy passion for radio. Ask me if I’ve ever worked in a radio station, the answer is no. Actually it’s a YES, just don’t have anything to show for it. When I was in second year I got a ‘job’ as a radio announcer in the school’s radio station. Yeah the ‘job’ is in quotes because it was basically volunteering. For the three months I was there I was never paid, not a single penny. I’m not complaining, I actually loved my job. All that was required of me was to source for news and come prime time- read it. I learnt so much. Think this was and still is one of my greatest passions.

Months down the line I go for my recommendation letter and the person in charge tells me they don’t remember me. That’s fine, radio is basically sound, but could they at least go through their archive to see hear some of my work? Their answer was no.

I was devastated :(. This was going to be a plus for me come looking for employment (especially in mainstream media). Now that’s spilled milk right there, no need for me to cry yeah?

At the moment I am doing something- communication related. I love and enjoy it, but I seem stuck on my first love – Radio/journalism. The other day my colleague and I were sent out for an assignment and when we were done, he said I handled it like a journalist. This just went further to confirm that first love and I aren’t over yet. Looking forward to the day we get back together. I wouldn’t mind even if it’s going to be something on the side, just to quell my thirst.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this piece. Have a nice time xoxo


2 thoughts on “Can’t get Over My 1st Love

  1. I think that anything you do out of love, will never become boring or a stress in life. Keep looking for opportunities to write or do radio (maybe even consider doing your own podcast)!

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