Blinging my Wrist

Hey Loves,

There are a things we love (or should I say like) but we can’t explain the reason why. Could be we were introduced to them by our friends, relatives or even complete strangers.

Mine is an obsession for watches, thanks to my late dad (RIP). I own a couple. Some are working  but most are dysfunctional. Talk about having no time to go replace the batteries :). But for these two, I always find a way of blinging my wrist.

I’m sure you have your obession(s) too. I wanna hear them… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blinging my Wrist

  1. I’ve been on a watch frenzy this month myself! I bought 4 new ones. 2 are bling, one is subtly professional/classy and the other 1 is kind of quirky. Do you wear yours with bracelets too?

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