Beauty Contests on my Account

Hey loves,
20141204_131813Today I’d like to share with you an event that used to make my days back in campus. Beauty contests. These events were held yearly and they brought out the best in people (especially contestants). They looked for clothes to be worn for different occasions, shoes, makeup artists and stylists the week of the big event.
The beauty contests carried a fair share of high and low moments. The highs were mostly as a result of seeing fellow schoolmates bring their A game and the reverse was mainly seeing your best contestant or friend loose. But hey, those were competitions, there had to be winners and loosers 2nd, 3rd
On two occasions I had a chance of being part of the event. Hold your horses, I can already sense your excitement. Sorry to disappoint, but I wasn’t contesting :). The first time I was a makeup artist and stylist for a friend- Monique (the one photographed above). And the second instance I was a makeup artist cum behind the scenes photographer. Both sparked something special in me.
One thing I found amusing though was jealousies that go on in dressing rooms used by models/contestants. It doesn’t matter if the models are bosom friends, inside that room each person is the others competitor period! On the overall, beauty contests were FUN. Not only did they give students a break from books, but also encouraged some to pursue their talents and passion. Below are some of the behind the scenes shots I took.

model models model1
Have a lovely Weekend, Won’t you?


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