Hey loves,

phie2Didn’t mean to scare you by the above headline. My wisdom tooth has been growing for past few months. It creates occasional toothache as it takes its sweet time to emerge. Today was one of those days it decided to PAIN. Boy, was I thinking straight? Hardly I bet.  For once I wished had a dentist friend or something. I was up and down trying to find remedies that could numb the pain. Three proved effective: swirling warm salty water, tapping the tooth and finally warm/cold compression.

The cold front ruled a better part of the day, but the wisdom tooth got me all feverish. I couldn’t keep warm as much as it was required, hence the look right there.

phie3 phie

What I’m Wearing

  Sequined low-cut top

  Head scarf

  Half coat


  Patterned stocking

  & Ankle boots


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