Riding on a Bicycle

Hey loves,
bike2Humans will remain the most opinionated among God’s creation. There isn’t a single thing that you and I will do that will lack criticism. Whether positive or negative, it has to be there. It’s allowed- thanks to our reasoning ability. But should we always talk about each and everything that happens under the sun? I think NO. Sometimes we should just let people be.
The other day I did a shoot that was meant to showcase how I rocked a ragged pant and it attracted all sorts of comments from onlookers. The buzz wasn’t about the pants, but a bike I decided to ride on. I don’t know if it happens in other parts of the world, but from where I stand it wasn’t taken well. I got all sorts of myths about women and riding bicycles that I had to settle for very few shots; which were taken in a hurry btw. Irrespective, I’ll share two of the pics.bike


       What I’m Wearing
A ragged denim pant
A tee
Scarf worn as head wrap.


One thought on “Riding on a Bicycle

  1. Its okay here in the US for women to ride bikes – American women at least. I had no idea it wasn’t the same there. I agree – criticism will always be there. Just continue striving to please God and not other people. I think the bike AND the pant looks great 🙂

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