BOW-ing out!

Hey Loves,

Those who have been with me for the past one year are aware of my tomboy obsession. Oh and if you are reading my blog for the first time, I’m sure you have seen it on my About page. I never imagined a time would come when I give up tomboy dressing style. It’s been a part of me like forever and so giving it up will definitely take some time. I have therefore devised a way of carrying out this DRASTIC change. The first item I am letting go out of my closet as I embrace feminine clothes are my bow-ties. Couldn’t think of a better way of bidding them bye than to take a selfie. Hope I bow-ed out in style. I’ll miss you bow ties *sniff*


6 thoughts on “BOW-ing out!

    • mmmh didn’t see this coming Josie… well I just want to embrace the feminine side of me. Also people I meet tend to think am waay younger than I actually am mainly because of how I dress. And finally I’m done with campus where dressing like a tomboy worked for me any day and I never struggled to pull it off.

      • understood lol. I can’t wait to see what new styles you embrace. I suck at fashion so I love seeing what other people put together.

      • haha thanks Josie I can’t wait either I’m SO EAGER to see how it turns out. I hope I’ll inspire you though I doubt you suck at fashion. Have a good one 🙂

  1. This is my first visit to your blog, and I hate to see that you are moving away from a style which you enjoy. I’m a mom to two boys and a 38 year old tomboy, I’m not a very stylish tomboy. Cargo pants/shorts and t-shirts are my standards. I always think I will start a more trendy tomboy collection, but I guess it’s more of an effort thing. I have a pinterest board with cool tomboy clothes that never manifests itself into my closet.

    • aww thanks for visiting my blog. Trust me it also makes me sad to leave my style. Well I’m already encountering challenges but I hope to see how it goes. I must imagine how hard pulling the tomboy swag is for a mom. I wish I had blogs or tomboy sites I’m subscribed to that I’d recommend. But I think what you wear is still cool as long as you don’t wear tee’s every other day. If I was in your place I would pair pants(skinnies) with vests, chiffon or linen blouses and keep trendy t-shirts for weekends or shopping. It maintains your tomboy swag but still spells that you are a gorgeous woman. Shorts can be paired with tees and break it with ladies shoes, sandals or female boots. You can send me some of your pics at so I can see if I can help you pull it off 🙂

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