Local Heroes Journalism Competition

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Local Heroes CompetitionIt’s been forever since I last posted anything; please excuse my laziness. So much has happened. Some I’d love to share and so when you see posts about events which happened in the  my past don’t get surprised. It only means the events were so dear to me – like my graduation for instance.

But today’s post isn’t about that. It’s all about the Local Heroes Journalism Competition  This competition was about telling the world who your local hero is. It was organized by Deutsche Welle (DW) in partnership with the Standard Group. Participants of this competition were to send one of these:  a 3 minute audio, a 3 minute video or 10 photos that talk about their local hero. The first time I heard about it I was in a bus on my way to town. It drew my attention and I decided to take part in it. The deadline was on the 21st of this month, and on this particular Sunday I made my entry. It was a 3 minute audio. My hero is a young man who has dedicated his time to ensure the estate we live in stays clean. He has been able to mobilize some youths in the estate to pick up the garbage generated on a weekly basis. He and his team encounters a lot of challenge during this work. Some of the residents don’t want to cooperate with them, hence dump garbage allover the place. Others have resorted to dumping human waste in garbage bags. It’s still the same group that has to collect all these and take them to the right place (dumping site). They also lack enough protective gear which include gloves.

Sadly my entry didn’t make it. 😦 Out of the 73 contestants, only 9 made it through. I couldn’t wait to hear the audios and see photos and videos that qualified to the next category. One word -AMAZING! I must congratulate the nine for the work well done. The competition is not yet ended so you can also join me in voting for the best. Personally I found this audio quite captivating. For some reason I have always wanted to get into the mainstream media and have a feel of what it takes to make news and all that. This audio gave me something that has just made the urge even more. Man of the Hour is my number one.

Here are the 9 entries. Please vote for your favorite. You can also  send a text message with the corresponding category and number (example: Video 1 or Video 2 or Video 3 – and so on for the other categories) to 22847 .

Video Category: Henry Wanyoike

Dumping Site Heroes

Unsung Hero

Audio Category: Man of the Hour

The Volunteer Village Midwife

Wendy Makena

Photo Category:  Life Bloom International

Boniface Mwangi

Mr. Edwin Muchiri

Forever grateful to DW and the Standard Group for letting me be part of the competition. All the best to the remaining participants. Those who didn’t make it like myself, we live to fight another day.



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