Thoughts on this one thing-Relationship

Hey loves, loveI decided to have this post since we are only a day to the month of love-February. This is the month that people show love and appreciation to their loved ones; cheers to Valentine’s Day. It’s also the month that businessmen make a kill. However, I personally think that expression of love is something that should be done on a daily basis. That’s just me. So as you journey into the month of love, it’s important to take note of the three things that make relationships work. These are: Love, care and Respect. That’s simple yah? It’s not hard to love someone. It happens naturally. You either love them or you don’t – that’s it. So if you love someone hold on to them and if it’s the contrary don’t waste your time and his/hers. The second thing is care. This is simply providing what the other person needs. It includes moral, financial and emotional needs. You are free to add any other needs that your partner might have. Give your partner a reason to want to see you every other day until you grey together. The final one is respect. No one appreciates disrespect irrespective of their age. You and your partner need to respect each other. No name-calling and manipulation. You might not agree on everything, but have respectful ways of sorting your grievances. That’s all I can say to you at the moment. If you are in a relationship, all the best. If you are still searching or happily single, all the best too. Hope this is helpful somehow. XoXo ❤


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