Things Campus Taught Me

PhieHey loves,

Yesterday I spent my day and night at my cousin’s, sister’s, best friend’s place. Ha-ha! I think the last one describes best who she is to me;  although technically she is my cousin. We had so much to catch up on, barely listening to the end of each others sentences. Call it excitement (because of ‘clearing’ school) . Part of our conversation was about how I kept complaining about this and that when I was in my freshman / sophomore years. We laughed about it… a lot. Then I suddenly remembered a British children’s drama series called Bernard’s  Watch. It was one of my favorite programs as a kid and I couldn’t miss it for anything! It was about a young boy who could stop time with a magical pocket watch. He’d use that time to solve problems before they could occur.
The reason why this series came to mind was because of some of the experiences I had during my time in campus. There were times I wished I had that watch so I could stop bad things from happening to me and the people I treasure. But more specifically, I really needed it so that I could I could avoid crossing paths with mean people. Sigh! Some almost made me lose it…completely!

picBut here I am, appreciating every bit of my experience in campus. I met all kinds of people. From different backgrounds, races, personalities, name it all, I met them. Some were kind, others were mean and a smaller percentage was that of don’t cares. The latter never cared about anything or anyone. It was as if they were in their own world. But out of all the interactions and experiences I had, I learnt one or two things.

  • School doesn’t ‘last’ forever. You only get to finish it by attending classes and doing what is required of you. Unless you have serious health or financial problems, never call off.
  • Mean people aren’t supposed to make you lose your focus. Ignore them if you have to because the truth is they are everywhere.
  • Forming healthy relationships is important. Good friends will be there for you through thick and thin. There are times they are the only people who will understand the kind of pressure you are in. They will help you keep sane during difficult situations. You also need each other for good memories don’t you?
    Naivety should stop the moment you join school. Don’t do things which are against your values for the sake of fitting in or to create a false impression. You can lie to everyone else, but you can never lie to yourself. Be true to you. Don’t also be all over the place. Take time to study the different people before forming friendships with them. You will discover some people aren’t as good as they look.
  • Having fun is essential. Love, laugh, be yourself and just have fun. Explore your talents, engage in community service or anything else that makes you happy (positive stuff). Even as you have fun, never lose the sense of being you. Yes you are in a group of friends, but you are an individual too. Create your own identity, it’s important.
  • And finally RESPECT: It’s everything! Respect your lecturer’s, fellow students and also the subordinates who make you enjoy a clean learning environment. Most importantly, respect yourself. Once you respect yourself, you will almost automatically respect others. It goes a long way to determine how you will be treated at school and in the outside world.

Laters xoxo


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