Hiking at Ngong Hills

3Hey loves,
I hope everyone’s doing perfect. Welcome to my day’s post.
There’s always a first time for everything. Well, 8th November was my first time for something! I went hiking for the very first time. Where have I been living you’d ask? I have just been in this same planet; just that I never really considered it. Aren’t you going to ask how about my experience? I’m sure you’re :).

The Ngong Hills is a perfect place to go hiking, biking or have a get together with your friends. It’s quite hilly, but there are few plain grounds. The place is windy too my ear hurt. So if you are thinking of going there, get something to prevent wind from blowing directly into your ears.2
I bonded with my all-time favorite gal Patty. Love you doll. I also had fun with my other classmates.
This exercise had been organized to bring together all the students in my school. Must confess I was seeing some of the students for the very first time. I found consolation in knowing that some students were seeing me for the very first time too. At least now I’m sure I’m never all over the place.
The better part of the hike was dedicated to climbing the Ngong Hills. They are seven of them and we only managed to climb four. The hills are steep; if you don’t step on the right trails, you are likely to fall down. I didn’t like climbing up though! I strained and pant much. Climbing down was fun for me. At one point I went downhill racing. You come down so fast. This was fun but with excessive adrenaline rush.1
I learnt that such exercises bring people together. There’s learning, exercising and of course groupie love. You get encouragement to press on from people that you are meeting for the first time. No one wants to leave the other behind. In short you become your friend’s keeper. I got home feeling exhausted, but it was it worth it. I have a tan too *sigh*
Learn, Live, Love.
Nice time.


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