Dress Code @ the varsity

dresscodeThis is my final semester in campus. One of the courses I am taking this semester is called integration seminar. The course involves talking about experiences we had in campus. This is in terms of course content, life in campus and what we are to expect out there (in the media world in my case). This got me thinking about what I found amusing at my university- a dress code. I mean I thought at university level people need freedom to dress in whatever feels comfortable. After dressing in uniform for 12 or so years, most people can’t wait to go to campus to do their own style. Well, my campus is quite strict on this issue as it is a religious institution. Most of the students here are people doing pastoral studies.

At the beginning of each semester, each student is given a student’s handbook. In it contains everything pertaining student life in the campus. Its back page has images of what we (students) are allowed to wear and what’s not allowed. I must agree that if we were to be allowed to dress in whatever then some people would cause a lot of distraction to these fellows. (No pun intended) All the same, I got used to it. Here’s how I dressed yesterday.

IMG-20140913-WA0002 IMG-20140913-WA0003 IMG-20140913-WA0005 pic


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