My Instincts Sensed it… Just Didn’t Know What Exactly

Yesterday marked my first day in school this semester. It is my final semester in campus and to be honest, I couldn’t wait for this time to come. I didn’t have any lectures; just went to register.

As I was leaving school I felt weak and confused. I reassured myself that I wasn’t in the ‘school’ mood yet. The feeling was so intense I voiced it. I told two of my classmates that something didn’t feel right.

‘I don’t know what is happening to me. I’m not sure if I am sick, tired or it’s just the old age that’s catching up’

One of them laughed and made fun of the last reason I speculated.

Soon I was on my way home- in a bus. It was during ‘rush hour’ when most people leave their offices. This spelt being stuck in traffic! All this while my condition remained the same. I listened to my gut and it too said something was wrong. When this happens to me, I interpret it that someone close to me is in trouble. The first person that came to my mind was mom. She was traveling back to town from our rural home. She is all I have since dad passed on and the slightest thought that she might be in trouble would throw me into confusion. I took my phone and made that call. It was a sigh of relief when she told me she was already in town. She sounded fine too.

The second person I called was a new friend I just met. We have known each other for a week and I am already fond of him. He on the other end was traveling from Nairobi to the coastal city. Locally, August is known as a month of tragedies. I guess that is why my mind went to my significant others who were traveling. My friend also confirmed that he was safe.

So I get home after a long day and decide to check my Facebook account. I had expected to find cute selfies of my pals and interesting posts that would brighten my day. This was however not bound to happen. Whimpers …… What I saw made me lock myself in my room and cry it all out. I had just lost a pal. We weren’t that tight but she was a happy soul. All I ever got from her was warm, genuine smiles. The kind of smile that takes your troubles away and make you smile back. As I scrolled down the comments, I realized that I was not the only one who found her warm. As it stands no one has disclosed her cause of death, but it’s apparent that many have been affected. The more people are sharing her photos and condolence messages, the harder it gets for me to believe.

Now I know why I had been having a funny feeling. I was losing someone whose presence was enough to make my day. No amount of tears can bring her back, but in my heart she lives on. I will light a candle and say a prayer so her soul rests in peace.

RIP happy soul.


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