For the Big Pearl Fans

P1080963 I get this a lot from people’s conversations – that creative people are mean. Those I have heard from say that a creative person will never teach anyone their skill. I kinda disapprove this for the simple reason that we have all these DIY videos and articles.

Anyway, this article is not so much on what others think about creative people. I designed the neck piece you are seeing in the adjacent photo for myself and I found it cute. Since making it was so simple I thought I should share the process with the rest of the world.

As you all know pearls are making a comeback and it’s only fair that we usher it in style.

What you need

• Pearls

• Nylon Thread

• Two buttons with an exotic look

• A needle

• A thin piece of cloth 22cm (color of your preference)

How to make the necklace

String the pearls 36 cm long and tie the two ends. You will get something like this


Hold the two ends of your beaded pearls. On each end, make a turn up using the piece of cloth (as shown in the picture below)


Take one button and stitch it on one of the turn ups. Repeat this process on the other end.

phieart3 phieart2

Just like that and your necklace is done.



4 thoughts on “For the Big Pearl Fans

    • Hey Cameron thanks for reading my post. I’m Sophie and I love fashion too. I am humbled that you find my post great. Thank you. I will certainly check your site.

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