Animal Prints

P1080961I find animal prints fierce! –in a good way (giggles). It’s almost impossible to rock an animal print and miss turning a few heads. Yap they are that fierce.

Animal prints came in various forms, from shoes, to clothes, to hats, jewelry, name it all. They are must have items in every lady’s wardrobe. At first I used to be reserved when it came to rocking animal prints; especially the snake prints. LoL my superstition made me think that by rocking this print I represented the reptile. I remember staring at a friend’s shoes which were made of snake print. I wanted nothing to do with the shoe. They seemed like they had the texture of an actual snake.

People grow and I moved past that. However, I must confess that I only have one snake print. Of which, the prints aren’t quite prominent. I welcome you to my animal print collection. Your comments are highly appreciated






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