For all those who have been called slim shady and 1GB

phiemyndzDressing up has not been easy for me; not because I lack fashion sense, but because of my body type. I know this because I am able to point out when someone is sharply dressed.

I am a 5.6 with hips size 36. Being an African woman, the society expects that I should be curvier than this. I walk around and people call me names like: slim shady, model and 1GB, all in the name of my size. I have gotten used to this because I can’t fight back, not while my body remains this way. There are times I go shopping and get teases like: ‘you should be shopping in the children’s section’. Yeah! People can be mean at times.

Over time, I have discovered that when it comes to dressing, slim people have an advantage to some extent. Most of my friends have an average body type. They always tell me that I am lucky when it comes to shopping because I can always have my clothes adjusted in case they are loose-fitting. As for them, there is very little that they can do if a cloth is of a smaller size. It can’t  be stretched. They also say that finding cute clothes that fit them right is a big problem. So being small isn’t bad after all.

I decided to write this article because I have really struggled with dressing. It got to point nobody would buy me clothes anymore, because I never liked them. And they would go: ‘You need to eat so that you can fit into clothes’.

dannie - jinspace.comIf you are slim person and you are struggling with your dressing, struggle no more. Here are a few tips that you can employ. They worked for me; if all goes well, they might as well work for you. There is no loss in trying.

Wear fitting clothes: don’t hide in baggy clothes. I know that despite your slim figure, you still have some beautiful curves. Buy clothes that fit your body perfectly. These bring out your feminine features and make you look more beautiful.

Knee length skirts & dresses: I have discovered that when I wear skirts that go up to my knees, my slim figure isn’t emphasized that much. This is as opposed to when I wear very long skirts. Knee-length skirts emphasize your figure. In addition, they also allow you to display your lovely legs. This will make people have something positive to say about your figure and legs as opposed to dishing out mean comments.

Avoid extremely tight: wearing very tight clothes is offensive. Those that someone can clearly draw your outline, nah! Avoid them at all cost. Health-wise they are also not recommended. So if you find that you can’t wait to go home to remove your clothes because you can’t breathe, it’s time to let it go.

Accessorize: Some of us (slim people) have visible collar bones. We find people pointing at them to show us how much we need to add weight. You might do turtle necks, but we all know it gets warm at times. To hide the collar bone that might be visible when you wear low-cut tops or dresses, try chunky necklaces. The attention will shift to the necklace and probably your neck. You can also skillfully tie a scarf around your neckline.

Decency: don’t wear clothes that make you vulnerable to negative criticism. I know there is always that temptation to want to stand out. You may find someone dressed in very tiny shorts in public places. This only make you look tacky. Just be decent.

Go horizontal: If you are shopping for clothes which have stripes, ensure that the stripes run diagonally. Diagonal stripes make you look bigger than you are, while the vertical ones do the opposite.
Whites: Incorporate some white in your wardrobe. Clothes which are white in color tend to make people look a bit big than they actually are. You might therefore be interested in boosting some parts of your body by dressing that part in white.

dannie.jinspace.comEmphasize your ‘Strongholds’: As much as you are slim, there are things about you that stand out. It could be your personality, facial features, hair, waistline, legs, among others. Whatever is standing out is what I call your ‘stronghold’. If it is your personality, make it shine. If it’s your face, walk with your head up, do good make up and stuff like that. For your waist, you might try tucking in and sliding in a slim belt.

Confidence: This is everything. If you lack it, no matter how beautiful you are, or how nicely you are dressed, no one will give you a second look. It should speak in your body, clothes, personality, everything. It goes a long way in the kind of perception people will have about you.

If you are a ‘fiver’, give me high five… I’m out 🙂


5 thoughts on “For all those who have been called slim shady and 1GB

  1. I like this post, not only because it’s well written and thoughtful but also because I find it really interesting.
    I am on the other end of the spectrum, with a big body, but it’s as hard for me to find well fitting cothes, that I actually enjoy wearing.

    All the best for the both of us, especially in a world where people pay far too much attention to what others wear, when there are so many more valuable things in a person to pay attention to.

    • Thanks for finding time to read my post. If you are finding it hard to find well fitting clothes that you enjoy wearing, you can always have them custom made. This will not only meet your desire, but also make your outfit stand out in terms of uniqueness.

      Another thing, sometimes we don’t need to conform to what everyone else seems to like. Define your own style; one that that makes you comfortable and happy too. All the best

  2. HI-Five! I have never been a skinny girl – nor a voluptuous one, so I rarely had many comments thrown my way about my body…except “the booty.” You know in our culture that a curvaceous bum is a win. I never had one. So I received an overdose of the “long back” “nothing to grab” comments growing up. When I started to pick up some pounds, suddenly men flocked to my physical. But I didnt like my body this way…I liked it how it was before. So you know what I did? I reverted to the body that I liked – because I have to live in it. So I commend you for telling people how to embrace and (naturally) enhance what they have instead of telling them how to change it. ❤

    • lol the ‘long back’ comment is really mean. But I assume you over it. Yeah embracing what you have is much better than struggling to achieve what you might never get. You truly my number one fun ❤ ❤

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