Color Blocking

The term color blocking is nothing strange in the fashion world. People talk about it, and others go the actual extents of trying it out. So what is this color blocking?

To color block is to put on clothes, shoes and even other accessories whose colors are not considered to blend in too well. Depending on how one has been cultured, there are colors which complement each other. Putting on something black and white for instance is normal in most of the cultures. But as fashion evolves, we have been able to learn that we don’t have to stick to the two. There are exciting opportunities where we can blend colors otherwise known not to blend in and come up with fabulous results.
For instance in the picture below, I have put on grey tights, a pink vest, green n yellow socks and nude shoes. I am also carrying a blue handbag which has orange details. My bra is peeping out- totally unacceptable and I’m sorry for that. This is not tolerable in fashion. If anything it is considered a wardrobe malfunction.

As much as I have almost all the 7 rainbow colors, the outcome is actually pleasing to the eyes. I put up this photo on my Facebook and Jinspace accounts and the result was overwhelming. I got so many likes and photo comments. This made me consider it a great photo.


   When you are color blocking, you don’t have to go all the rainbow color –way, the maximum colors should be between 3 -4 colors.

You should also take note of the place(s) you are going to. It would be crazy for instance to show up for a serious interview dressed in so many colors. The panelists might wonder whether you are fit for the job. But for occasions such as shopping, outing, clubbing or even going to school you are free to experiment with this look.

Once you have tried out color blocking with a particular set of clothes and shoes, you don’t have to stick to that. This will make you so predictable: no one will find your fashion sense interesting after you rock that look on several occasions. What should you do then? You actually need to keep experimenting with different clothes and shoes. You show up and everyone goes damn!

Some of the colors that blend quite well include:

  • Orange, white, purple and black
  • Blue, orange, silver and white
  • Brown, orange, black and white polka dot
  • Jungle-green, red and nude
  • Yellow, brown and gold.

Those are some of the colors you can blend. You don’t have to stick to this. You can as well come up with more interesting looks.
Happy exercising!


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