Self- Taught Fashion Designer

Right from my childhood I knew I loved fashion. I would complement my friends whenever they dressed in cool stuff. Funny thing about it was that I wasn’t a great ‘dresser’ myself. I never really cared about the clothes I put on. However, this slightly changed as I approached my teen years. This was the period that marked conflicts between my folks and I over my dressing. I preferred feminine clothes, those that flattered my figure. This was around that time when I was in the puberty stage. I guess I was trying to create my own identity. I preferred tight and body-hugging clothes; but my parents wouldn’t let me put them on. I gave up the fight. I resorted to baggy shorts and clothes that weren’t tight; just fitting.P1000628
Now I’m all grown and I get compliments like ‘I love your dressing style’, ‘you look chic’ and stuff like that. The kind of stuff I rarely heard as a kid. So I must congratulate myself – I have come a long way. I am this type of person who will watch what’s on TV simply because the cast is sharply dressed and of course when the lighting in the production is amazing.
The other day I was chatting with one of my brothers about the clothes I have designed and the general interest I have in fashion. He was like
‘Why didn’t you study fashion right after high school?’
I didn’t see this coming. So for a moment I went BLANK! But honestly, I didn’t do it because I had no idea how much I loved it. Today, I love fashion so much. I design and make some of my clothes. Other times I also end up re- designing the clothes I have into what I love. So far, I have only managed to design clothes for myself. I would however like to design for other people too. Another thing is that I don’t know how to stitch professionally. I use my hands. I know some few stitches thanks to my high school best friend.
I would love to design clothes that can be appreciated by other people too. I can’t get there alone. That’s why I need your comments on some of the clothes I have designed.
It is almost 4a.m here in my country. I am not early; I haven’t slept a single bit. This means that everyone else is still asleep. I don’t have someone to take my pictures in the clothes I have I designed. So let’s reserve this till later in the day.
See you then, thanks.


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